Sunday, May 3, 2015

Excellent Tasty Garden in Monterrey Park: Indulge in Extra Decadent Walnut Shrimp and Garlicky Green Bean

I love it when I have a meeting somewhere and get out early enough to make a pit stop at a restaurant during off-hours. Tasty Garden is one of those places. Behold the giant shrimp fried to perfection and smothered in mayo and sprinkled with sesame seeds and paired with the crunchiest candied walnuts ever. It was the most raved about dish on message boards and it certainly didn't disappoint. I still dream about this.
The walnut shrimp was by far the best thing I had but the string beans stir fried in garlic and red chilies were done just the right way -- cooked until firm but tender with an explosion of garlic flavor and the right amount of heat.
The Singaporean noodles came with pork, shrimp, onions, bean sprouts, bell peppers and egg, all coming together with some curry powder. I know that's how they're made but I found the noodles a bit dry. I had to add some hot chili oil to moisten it. Still, pretty solid.

It was late afternoon and most of the other customers were having brick toast with tea. The portions of the dishes are huge and there will be plenty of leftovers.

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